not only are those places really shitty, they are not speakeasies…. sorry to be a dick, but these are so lame…. just horrible brand association…

Brother Jimmy’s? really? pete’s tavern? might as well have put up a shirt for turtle bay… seriously, have you ever had a drink at those places… they taste like regret. God forbid you remind yourself you’ve been there, let alone advertise that you tried to hook up with some 19 year old NYU freshman who wanted to go there because she heard that’s where “guys who work in finance” hang out. shame on you.
I like my non-iron pants though… although I often don’t wear “monday’s” on monday, and it kinda throws me off. I feel like a total jackass wearing “monday’s” on a tuesday. Like, I know it would be a pain in the ass, but could you do one’s where I choose the color and the day… i’m just not a navy blue on monday kinda guy… those are more like the thursday pants cause happy hour is most often on thursday and that’s the night you want to rock the solid navy blues, you know, to impress the 24 year old nyu alum chicks who like guys who… nevermind…  leave the grandpa grey’s for monday or something… i get the joke that we’re supposed to express our blue feelings on monday, but that’s just completely banal.
rant over… thanks for listening
oh, and if you want me to buy 33×30 of the tuesday, thursday and friday pants (you know, because i need to complete the set) give me some sort of coupon (2 for 3, $75 bucks off a purchase of 250 or more etc…). I may be an asshole, but I do wear pants.
warm regards,
ps.  look at the attached photo from brother jimmy’s. does that fucking look like a drink served at a speak easy??? it has a goddamn plastic lizard in it and 10 fucking straws… go take a timeout


The O’Reilly deployment methodology

June 23, 2011

The O’Reilly deployment methodology is combination of methods and strategies for deploying code onto a server. Unlike other web deployment systems like capistrano, The O’Reilly deployment methodology is based on a well known out-take of broadcaster Bill O’Reilly. The method consists of two primary steps. First the release manager makes the decision to “Fuck it” [...]

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Uh oh. Now StubHub has crossed paths with my brother Jesse

May 26, 2011

Dear Lorenzo, Thanks for your email…. sigh… where to begin… Lorenzo Lorenzo Lorenzo, You know when you really screw up and you father says, “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.” Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed. I hesitate to call you a liar because that would be rude and I don’t know you. But help me reconcile [...]

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On legislating morality

January 24, 2011

What then is the relation of law to morality? Law cannot prescribe morality, it can prescribe only external actions and therefore it should prescribe only those actions whose mere fulfillment, from whatever motive, the state adjudges to be conducive to welfare. What actions are these? Obviously such actions as promote the physical and social conditions [...]

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My Brother Jesse is getting unsatisfactory service from Agent Provocateur

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My brother Jesse wrote this letter to Agent Provocateur. I felt it was worth publishing. From: My.Brother@Jesse Date: Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 8:12 PM Subject: Re: Contact Us : An upset 1st time customer needs immediate help To: Services <Services@agentprovocateur.com Dear Chloé or other anonymous customer service agent, Thanks for your email (see chain [...]

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What’s wrong with OpenID?

December 16, 2010

The short answer is that OpenID is the worst possible “solution” I have ever seen in my entire life to a problem that most people don’t really have.  That’s what’s “wrong” with it. via What’s wrong with OpenID? – Quora.

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